It has been shown that in many cases instead of the ubiquitous diets , help comes herbs. If you want to download stubborn pounds that you never managed for years, you can try / after consulting a doctor, of course / make your life easier here with this combination of herbs .For this purpose it must follow a special dietary regime .You just have to eat normally without trampling by plugging in your daily menu and this herbal tea from 17 herbs forweight loss . Here they are:

1. Melissa-blades 
2. Clover-grass 
3. Mint-blades 
4. Agrimoniya-blades 
5. St. John’s wort 
6. Thyme sprig- 
7. Blue gall-blade 
8. Verbena-shoots 
9. Melissa-blades 
10. Climb 
11. Nettle-leaf 
12. Nettle-roots 
13. Hop-cones 
14. Hawthorn – color 
15. Fennel-fruit 
16. Anise-fruit 
17. Linseed

One tablespoon enabled mixture is digested into 600 grams of water, about six minutes, following koeto are precezhda and drink three pъti яdene the day before. Herbs are prodavat c packs 50 grams, so che can one mixes one kъm plants.


If you want the entire month, even in “those” days to feel cheerful and healthy, it is very important to what food you eat. Selected a balanced diet is very important for hormonal balance, which stirs up during PMS, so feel not quite in tone, not my good stomach is swollen and we’re nervous. Therefore select food according to the phases of their monthly cycle to be in good condition. Let’s look at what happens in the female body. During the first week, starting from the first day of menstruation

What happens to hormones? 
Your body produces substances called prostaglandins, which can cause uterine cramping. What is the strategy of nutrition? 
Stay chamomile tea and raspberry leaves – they will relieve spasms (and one, and others contain natural substances that act relaxing the uterus).

In the second and third week, when menstruation ends and begins ovulation 
What about hormones? 
Increased levels of estrogen, which naturally energises and enhances your mood. What is the strategy of nutrition? 
‘ll keep the energy high, if you eat fatty protein (lean meat, fish) and “right” carbohydrates (wheat noodles ednozarnesta).

During the week after ovulation 
What about hormones? 
estrogen level falls, rising levels of progesterone appears hormonal balance that makes you drowsy. 
What is the strategy of nutrition? 
add to your diet a little tone, and “wake up” as eat some chocolate, which is rich in a substance similar to amphetamines.

During PMS – 3-5 days before menstruation 
What about hormones? 
estrogen level drops very quickly while very quickly raise the level of progesterone. This causes PMS.

What is the strategy of nutrition? 
In this difficult period for the body can help plant protein-rich food – eat mainly products from soybeans.


We all love a little too far sometimes with eating, unhealthy foods . And very often, quite deservedly way, pizza ranks high on this list and it turns out from all diets and regimes for weight loss . But did you know that you can make and much healthier option that will give you the necessary useful substances, such as antioxidants, fiber and calcium? Try some of our recipes for light pizzas that we offer now.

Recipe № 1: Pizza with tomato and basil

Required products : 
400g wholemeal flour. To it can add corn flour and 2 large garlic cloves, 
85 cup skim mozzarella cheese, 
grated 40g parmesan, 
prosciutto 20-25 city, 
2-3 tomatoes, cut into slices, 
fresh basil leaves, 
1/8 h . l paprika;

Preheat the oven then place already made ​​dough in a lightly floured baking dish, round or some similar round surface. Roll out with a rolling pin. And on the surface arrange the ingredients for the pizza. Bake until the cheese is soft (about 8 minutes).

Calories: 318

Recipe № 2: Pizza Greek style
Give a Mediterranean touch to your lunch or dinner with this pizza diet . Ingredients such as cheese, spinach and olives will load your pizza with antioxidants, which means that you can safely enjoy a few pieces without feelings of guilt or fear.

2 tsp olive oil, 
170 g spinach; 
¾ cup tomato juice; 
½ cup feta cheese; 
½ tsp freshly ground black pepper; 
city 30-50 ripe black olives.

Preheat oven. In a pan place the spinach and pour the olive oil. Allow 3 minutes until spinach is tender. Pour the dough with tomato sauce and arrange other products. Bake in a well-heated oven for 15 minutes

Calories: 271

Recipe № 3: Pizza with cheese

Dough of oatmeal, 
2 tsp olive oil, 
230 g grated cottage cheese, 
50g grated parmesan.

In a preheated oven insert boring cake. After 2-3 minutes remove and the latter must not rub with olive oil, then add the grated cheese. Baking continues at a low temperature until cheese is melted.

Calories: 356


There are all sorts of diets for weight loss and body firming, fat burning. However, as it turns out there is a far less expensive and friendly ways and what is more important – a far more useful . It’s not for another popular diet for weight loss , but for most ordinary cinnamon we put in cakes in milk with rice or drinks.

However, it must know a few golden rules for this type of weight loss. For starters, it should be done twice a day – morning and evening on an empty stomach at bedtime. It is a special tea of cinnamon, which is prepared in the traditional method – to a glass of lukewarm water, add half a teaspoon of cinnamon. For those who can not drink the beverage so, it is allowed to add one scoop of copper .Some nutritionists encourage the addition of honey , because according to them, thus weakening will be much faster and efficient.

If a person gets used to perform this ritual twice a day, will soon see that weight loss is possible with cinnamon!


Quite often we cut the stomach or to feel like we swallow fireball. The latter is a signal of rising acids . They are caused both by certain foods , and improper diet. Here’s our advice in this case, what foods and diet to take to not “enjoy” more of them. Above all, try not to overeat because the weight in the stomach can also be the cause of heartburn.

Do not eat:
• fatty foods, fried dishes;
• foods that ferment, such as cabbage, dried vegetables;
• intestinal food, dishes with sauces.

Let your diet for the day and week, is rich in foods such as roast meat, fish, well cooked vegetables, fruits and all dairy products . Sunflower oil instead prefer virgin olive oil, or other rich in omega fatty acids, oils or oils.

Sodas except caffeine (car) sometimes help with heartburn because of the high content of ash, but more than a little drink of them is not good, because if this fluid is very corrosive to the stomach lining and begin new problems with heartburn.


Diet in diabetes must be observed therapy treatment adherence, or even in some cases in patients of the second type, it may be a form of self-treatment. It aims not only to reduce the concentration of glucose in the blood, but also to normalize weight. Therefore, even if not sick you should navigate to it, as it will not only help you get rid of excess weight, but also reduce cholesterol, and will normalize blood sugar levels.

Of rations removed easily digestible carbohydrates: sugar, jam, syrup, beer, mayonnaise. Endocrinologists advise in the diet to include more green foods .

Which products should be limited? 
Certain fruits and vegetables have a huge amount of glucose, and therefore should be avoided. As an example may be given: 
1. grapes 
2. bananas 
3. potatoes 
4. dates 
need to be limited and products containing cholesterol: 
1. oil 
2. fatty meat 
3. bacon 
4. yolk